Firefighters Visit Retail Job Site

Firefighters Visit Eustis Retail Job Site

In June, Superintendent Vince Iannucci gave a tour of the Eustis Retail jobsite to 13 firefighters from the Eustis Fire Department. The Firefighters were looking to gain insight on how buildings are put together – from the inside out. There were multiple buildings under construction at various stages at the time so the firefighters were able to see the composition of the buildings as well as experience firsthand some of the new technology that go into these structures.

Vince says he showed them the different entry access points in case of life threatening circumstances while they spoke about fire hazards and how fires affect the roof structures and firewalls. On a day where various aspects of the construction process were underway, everything from in ground work to vertical to roof installation, the Bay to Bay team was able to help the Eustis Fire Department get a better understanding of the buildings that would soon be in their jurisdiction to protect.

Vince Iannucci says, “I would not hesitate to do this again at any time. It was a pleasure and honor to help those that work every day to protect us, keep us safe and put their life on the line to save ours.”